life can be dramatic!

so, this past month has been emotionally draining for me. first, my 11 month old nephew spent a day and a half in the hospital with croup. he had such a hard time breathing and he almost totally lost his voice…it sounded very pathetic when he would talk or cry. thankfully he is doing 100% better now. last week my dad had a heart procedure done here in portland at OHSU. overall, it went good and he recovered quicker than the first time he did it, but a couple days later, his eyesight was blurry and he was not feeling good. so he called the doctor and was sent to the emergency room. they were there ALL day testing him for different things, their biggest worry was a stroke. that was the hardest day. a dear friend confided in me that day that she was becoming very fearful and depressed. and i had stayed at my brother’s house to watch the kids, and boy were they grumpy! the next day we found out why… my 3 year old nephew has hand, foot and mouth disease (a viral infection) and my 14 month old niece has a ear infection. bleh. all of this on top of a snowstorm that has left me stuck at my brother’s house since sunday. thankfully i have had a few chances to escape, otherwise i would have HORRIBLE cabin fever. so all in all, i love snow, but would really like life to get back to normal so i could go home. whew!


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