family fun!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! i am so thankful for family this Christmas. while i’ve always loved the idea of having a white Christmas, i was afraid that i would miss out on my family’s get together because of this winter wonderland we’ve been having. thankfully, we decided to try to make it to albany…four hours later, we arrive. it was INSANE traffic/road conditions.
Christmas Eve has always been the big celebration at my Grandma’s house. last night about twenty-three of us made it. (my mom has seven brothers and one sister…i can’t remember how many cousins i have…and how many kids they have…) i don’t remember ever being anywhere else on Christmas Eve and would be VERY disappointed to miss it. anyways, the evening is filled with good food, delicious treats and lots of laughter. some of my cousins played Christmas songs on the organ and one recited from memory the scriptures of the Christmas story. after dinner we played games and talked. i am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family!
some years i have been so focused on the gifts, whether getting the perfect gift for someone else or for myself, that i’ve been let down. there would be a huge anticipation and then disappointment. this year with everything happening this last month my focus is completely different. when everything in my life is shaken, my possessions lose their value and i simply desire to love on the people around me.
i am thankful for you. you are in my life for a reason. i’m so blessed to have you in my life, and i’m sorry if i have not portrayed that in all of my actions. i pray that God will open your eyes to how much i value you, and more importantly how much He values you.

what have you been blessed with this year?


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