an amazing breath of fresh air

so, after a wonderful night of fellowship and hanging out with friends, i drove home anticipating a warm bed and sweet dreams. instead i was distracted by the strange sight of something glowing behind mt. hood. the air was crisp and the sky was crystal clear as i stepped out of my car. i put my purse in the house and added extra layers for warmth. i found a cozy place to sit in an open field and watched in amazement as the ENORMOUS moon rose over mt. hood and illuminated the sky. thousands of twinkling stars shone down on me, and i was captivated by the breath-taking picture God was painting. a shooting star raced briefly across the dark sky. i wondered if anyone else in the universe was observing this miraculous moment, and sadly realized that no one else saw what my eyes did tonight. i wish i could rewind back and somehow capture the moment or post a picture of what i saw. i can try to explain it, but words can not express the atmosphere of those few minutes. i feel honored that God orchestrated that beauty for me to gaze upon, and i feel like He just reached down and gave me a hug.


One thought on “an amazing breath of fresh air

  1. I love your description of that night. There was one night that i was alone outside and I was gazing at the stars and a shooting star zoomed across the sky. I thought for a moment about going back inside and telling others to come out too to see it, but then I thought, ‘No, this is a special moment for me and God’. i love special moments like that.

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