new hair and poland…

random thoughts. i got my hair cut and dyed brown the other day! i love it! it feels great to have something different. pictures to come later. for now, a picture of what it doesn’t look like…

and POLAND! i am going back to Poland this summer. YEAH! i have been busy lately and haven’t really taken the time to reflect on that until last night as i was falling asleep. so, in total chaotic order, here is a list of things i was thinking about last night before drifting off to la-la-land:

  • my polish friends (especially my host families!)
  • hearing people pray in a different language (and not knowing when they start praying in tongues…)
  • being pushed out of my comfort zone and loving the results
  • pierogi
  • oscypek (smoked sheep cheese, yum!)
  • tribeca (cafe)
  • finding cool cafes or restaurants in underground cave feeling places
  • seeing a metal statue dragon that breathes fire when you send it a text message (aka a sms)
  • what is the weather going to be like this time?
  • ahhhh! i can’t wait!

here is a picture of some of our group at an awesome polish restaurant. the atmosphere was incredible and we got to see parts of a polish wedding celebration!

well…Do widzenia! (aka GOODBYE!)


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