fundraising ideas???

here are some of the fundraising ideas that i have found online that our Poland team probably won’t use, but they made me laugh…

Traveling Hobo Band This is a great fundraiser and is super easy to set up. All you need is a pickup truck loaded with some tacky yard decorations. Think plastic lawn chairs, pink flamingos, an old toilet, and a stone goose. Get a banjo and a harmonica and a group of willing ‘hobos.’ Make sure that you dress the part in raggedy clothes. Print up an information sheet about your group and what you are raising money for. For a small donation take nominations of people that your Traveling Hobo Band will visit. When you visit each house, you will want to set up in the front yard with all of your decorations. Sit down and start playing songs and waving at cars driving by. Knock on the front door and explain to the homeowner who you are, hand them your information sheet and that for a small donation you will take your Traveling Hobo Band elsewhere. Most people will be more than happy to get you to go away!

Flamingo Flocking Purchase 10 pink plastic flamingos (lawn decorations). Pick 10 yards in your community to be the lucky recipients. Attach cards to the flamingoes’ necks with a phone number along with all the pertinent information regarding your group. State that for a $10 donation, the flamingos will be removed but for $15 they will be moved to the lawn of their choice. Make sure you also place a sign that has a contact name and phone number among the flamingos for those who drive by and would like to have the flamingos placed in a friends yard. (Also give the option to simply pick up the flamingo gratis, since some people have no sense of fun.) It takes some organization, but is lots of fun. An additional fundraising idea is to sell “Pink Flamingo Insurance” for $10 to protect yourself from the invasion of these pink pests.

Egg and Beg Fundraising For this fundraising idea, have volunteers go to area homes, asking for an egg. Have the volunteers explain what they are raising money for and then they ask the donor how much money they will give to perform various “wacky” acts with the egg. For example, “Will you give me $5.00 to crack the egg over my head?” or “Will you give me $5.00 to eat the egg raw?” The volunteer escalates the act until they get the most money they can from the donor.


One thought on “fundraising ideas???

  1. HAHA! Those are hilarious ideas! I’ve heard of the egg one. It raises a lot of money so I heard. My friends who’ve done it have smashed eggs on their heads. I came up with an idea too. Nothing as creative like you.

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