funerals and ponderings

i attended a funeral last night for my 5th grade teacher. he was an amazing christian man with a heart for kids. he loved challenging people to learn and think for themselves. he was my one of my favorite teachers.

i love going to funerals and hearing all of the funny stories or best memories that people share during an open mic time, but i often wonder if they had any idea how much impact they made. it makes me think about what people will say about me after i’m gone. what do i want to be known for? how can i live transparently so people will see my heart and the passions that fuel me?

i also feel challenged to share my appreciation for others more frequently and openly. time flies by and without any warning, i may have lost that last opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me.

so, i’m asking you to help me with my convictions. if you are reading this, know that you are loved. if i haven’t expressed why lately, write me a little comment and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can put my heart into words.


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