a beautiful day for a hike.

yesterday was GORGEOUS! luckily, my schedule was open and i went exploring. i hiked up angel’s rest for the first time. WOW! i had the excuse to stop and take pictures all along the way while catching my breath. hiking always helps me forget about all my worries and focus on God. i tend to think about extremely random things or analogies between hiking and life.

here is my trusty hiking buddy, kobe. he is such an amazing dog.

alright, in no order whatsoever, here are some of my thoughts from yesterday’s 4.6 mile journey~

  • i can’t believe the weather! it’s still february, and it snowed 4 days ago! but it was perfect hiking weather…
  • wow, i’m out of shape.
  • i think it’s funny how natural it is to talk to fellow hikers. if i was walking down the street and passed them on the sidewalk, it would be weird to exchange small talk. why is that?
  • climbing spiritual mountains are hard too, but the view at the top is breath-taking.
  • it is always so quiet at the top. as i got closer to my car, the sounds and the busyness of life were almost overwhelming. hmmm.
  • if i trained everyday, this hike wouldn’t be so hard and i would come here more often. if i was seeking God with all that i am everyday, “mountain-top” experiences would be more frequent and i would enjoy the journey up a little more.
  • there is a very little possibility that kobe would have an accident in my car on the way home after marking so many trees.
  • it is always easier to come down the mountain, but going up is SO much more rewarding.
  • i think i’m getting a blister. :o(
  • short-cuts are not always better. usually they aren’t. i followed a fellow hiker’s suggestion on where to go (she had never done this hike before either) and really didn’t make any progress. burned extra calories, but had to backtrack and look for the real trail. how many times have i asked people advice when they have never been in my spot before?
  • sometimes not knowing exactly how much farther i need to go is easier than knowing. i have more motivation if i think it may be right around the next corner. aw rats…maybe this next corner…
  • from a distance, it looked like there were obstacles in the path. i could’ve turned around and quit, but instead i looked for ways to get over, around or somehow past those little distractions. i need to do this in all areas of life and not get scared of the obstacle. go for the goal!

p.s. let me know if you would like to join me on any adventures in the future. i love having hiking buddies to share my fun with!


One thought on “a beautiful day for a hike.

  1. i think it sounds like fun, but i am WAY out of shape and a 3 mile hike would kill me. plus there is the whole baby thins, yada yada yada. maybe a nice flat walk. (not hike?)But I am so glad you were able to go and have alone time and your insights were great. Maybe you should talk/speak about them sometime…;)

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