mighty to save!

some of you know that i’m auditioning tomorrow night to be on my church’s worship team. the song that i’m singing is one of my favorites, mighty to save. while practicing today, i had a few thoughts~

  • even if this isn’t the time/place/opportunity for me, at least my nephews and niece love it when i sing to them. :o)
  • my God is the God who can move mountains. have you ever thought about how huge of a task that would be? how much time, money, resources, and people would it take? God can speak and it happens!
  • i try and move hills by myself everyday. i don’t like asking others to help because i’m “strong enough” to do it by myself. ha! it doesn’t work. God has placed me into several families (biological, church, community…) to help me. i struggle with the idea of being supported by others or being dependant on them for anything.
  • i would much rather have a physical or mental challenge than an emotional one. why does everything seem to tie back into my biggest fear of rejection?

anyways, please be in prayer that i learn to rely on God alone for strength, peace and direction. i keep you posted about the worship team!

p.s. i’ve blogged quite a bit lately…time to process life and to work through things has been a blessing!


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