a sign. a sign?

a sign that got me thinking about my audition. is it a sign? (i know, horrible play on words…) well, seeing it gave me peace and felt like God was telling me something. if i don’t make the worship team at this point, it doesn’t mean that it is a dead end forever. just to be continued with future development. :o)

2 thoughts on “a sign. a sign?

  1. So your deal with the worship team somewhat parallels to my applying to vet school. Very different, but kinda the same. For so long I was afraid of the rejection, but then the rejection came. I’m not getting into vet school this year. But God prepared me for it and when it came, I was fine. He showed me other options, things I could to while I wait to reapply and just kept reinforcing to me through different people how this wasn’t a one shot all or nothing. I can reapply. One of my science professors was telling me how we’re so silly to forget how we are when we’re little. As babies, we keep trying to walk and we fall down or run into things. I frequently had goose eggs on my forehead as a child. But each time, we would just get back up and keep trying. Sure, we might cry if we got hurt, but sooner or later we got back up. And also, we didn’t care what anyone thought of us. I wish I had that ability again somedays, to not care at all what others might be thinking. Anyways, just thought I’d share what God had shared with me through someone. Praying for you friend and that Gods will be done concerning your audition!

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