God has really been opening my eyes to how he has blessed me with my friends. yesterday i enjoyed an awesome lunch with quiche, cucumber sandwiches and expresso/chocolate chip muffins. although the food was amazing, it is now gone and only the recipes and memories of tastes remain. the friends however, i anticipate will be with me for a long time. i can’t express how much that means to me. i have pushed myself to reach out to others more recently and been more open about all that is going on in my life. i have been blessed beyond belief. i have always shied away from sharing everything, because i do NOT want to be the dramatic or burdensome person that people roll their eyes about or avoid. God has been stretching me. it has been uncomfortable at times, but He has surrounded me with amazing people. why don’t i enjoy the stretching process more when i know that EVERY time i have stepped out in faith, i get blessed?



One thought on “blessed.

  1. Hey, I had fun too! I think God is stretching me by showing me what things I have accepted to believe about myself that isn’t true. I am kinda learning about who I am all over and it’s interesting and relly scary! …but not in a horrible way.

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