albany, babies, and a double stoller

my trip down to albany was an awesome time to just get away for the weekend. the babies got to put their new double stroller to the test and loved walking down to an elementary school to play on the playground. i just have to say that i love the stroller too! freedom! ha ha ha! the highlight of the trip (other than family of course!) was the cinnamon rolls. if only i could somehow allow you to smell these. ahhh…nothing beats waking up to mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls.
both mornings we enjoyed these hot and fresh out of the oven. heaven!


2 thoughts on “albany, babies, and a double stoller

  1. Wow, those do look good. Freedom huh? I am so happy to hear you are free to go to schools and who knows where else. I love strollers, they are Gods gift to mommy’s.Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

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