matters of my heart

life is fragile. life is precious. while being faced with so many heart-wrenching, life-or-death situations, my heart is heavy. i feel a burden to pray and seek God’s will in my everyday life. yesterday is gone. where has all the time gone?

whenever i’m faced with death, my mind tends to race and figure out all of the things i didn’t do that i had wanted. why did i put things off? i had the time…i lost my opportunity.

yesterday, i took this picture of my nephews and niece. this sums up azariah for the day. he didn’t want his picture taken, he wanted me. he was my snuggle-bug. while falling asleep he LOVES to snuggle, but yesterday in particular he clung to me. he wanted my face touching his and if i tried to pull away, even a little, his little arm would pull my face back again. i have to admit that sometimes i feel like i need to do something other than lay there with him and i get frustrated that i’m not doing “enough”. there are dishes to clean, and toys everywhere… yesterday i cherished those moments. there will ALWAYS be something else i could do, but there will not always be an opportunity to snuggle or love on the people who are most precious to me. is a clean house or a completed checklist more important than them? than love?

time to work on priorities again. :o)


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