time flies when you are having fun?

i don’t know if i have been having “fun”, but time has sure flown by. i have thought of countless blogs, but haven’t taken the time lately. here is a list of random thoughts from the past week or so…

  • my dad had another heart procedure done to try and correct his abnormal heart rhythm. again, it didn’t work. this has been a frustrating process for my dad, family and also for the head heart specialist @ OHSU. we don’t know what the next step will be. please pray!
  • nathan vredevelt’s memorial service was an amazing testimony to his and his family’s faith. it was cool to see how packed east hill could be. i remember wishing church was always that full, but realizing it was for that night. my heart aches for the vredevelts.
  • i had an appointment with the worship pastor at east hill. he wants me to audition a few more songs to hear how i harmonize…it is continuing to be a process. i would LOVE prayer and support, as i feel a lot of fear and insecurities pounding me down each step i take. i have never felt so attacked by the enemy.
  • i recently watched schindler’s list. wow. i usually can distance myself from movies quite a bit, but several things made it quite a bit more personal. i recognized different places that i’ve visited, including a church in krakow. something else i had learned recently is that one of my great-uncles was one of the first soldiers to go to Auschwitz to liberate the camp.
  • i have decided not to buy my brother’s condo. after a lot of prayer and consideration, it is not the right time. it’s nice to have made a decision.
  • i am now an official member of east hill foursquare. eh has been home for me for almost two years now!
  • i worked for the first time @ discovery pre-school last friday! it was an amazing breath of fresh air. half the amount of kids and twice the space as my last daycare job. so much fun and i made a lot of new little friends. i look forward to the day i get to substitute again.
  • i have loved being creative again. i have been getting more and more ideas lately. randomly they will come to mind. now, to put the ideas into action.
  • american idol has been so fun to watch this season. i haven’t kept up with my predictions, because i don’t always get to watch them right away. so much talent!
  • i have a new ministry idea for all my girlfriends. stay tuned, it’s definitely in the planning stage.
  • the weather has been driving me crazy. i absolutely LOVE the sunny days we have sporadically enjoyed, but i yearn for the summer and sun every day! it’s a suprise everyday what it looks like outside… sun/rain/snow/clouds?

well, that is a glimpse into my life lately. crazy. let’s just hope life will slow down a little bit soon.


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