as i lay me down to sleep

i’m pondering an addiction i discovered. well, just think of it as my “security blanket”. the beginnings to my addiction started about may 2007. after being thrust into an amazing living situation (600 sq. feet, one bedroom and two others girls), i discovered the joys of wearing an eye mask. i want to make this clear, i loved every minute of that living situation. anyways, our bedtime schedules were not always the same, so i grew accustomed to the beautiful freedom of “lights out” any time i wanted with my super comfortable mask.

fast forward to today. i have my own room, and yet i continue to wear the mask. actually, it’s a different one than the original…the old one is lost somewhere in the paris airport. :o) i didn’t realize how attached to the stupid thing was until the other night. sometime during my sleep, the mask came off and fell off of my loft bed. i awoke numerous times in the night and each time searched briefly for it.

security, comfort, blocking the light, or whatever i lost sleep over has got me thinking. is this a bad habit that i should try to stop? or can i embrace the silly thing and sleep guilt free? hmmm… any opinions to my silly conundrum?


2 thoughts on “as i lay me down to sleep

  1. I sometimes wish I had an eye mask. Some nights every little light or glow is bothersome to me…I used to have a certain thing I slept with, it was actually a stuffed animal, and it sounds funny, but I had it till I was in college and it HAD TO go everywhere I spent the night and if it fell off the bed at night I HAD TO get it right then!! And then one day I realized that I didn’t have it anymore. And I couldn’t remember the last time I had it. I just kind of grew out of it. Maybe that’s what is going on. you may just grow out of it. But I also think that sleeping with an eyemask is totally fine whether you share a room or not. ;)Sleep sweet!!

  2. I don’t think it is an addiction to worry about. I thinkyou have found a sure fire way of having a good night sleep. No problem there, and I don’t see where you should feel guilty about using it either. :)

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