busy busy busy

ok, i have gotten a little behind on this…again. so here is another random list. :o)

  • i moved! pictures of my new room will be posted on friday. I LOVE IT! i just finished re-arranging and putting everything away. ahhh. anyone want to come see it?
  • i can’t wait until summer. this rain is just too dreary. waking up to bright blue skies makes me smile.
  • srivichai thai restaurant in downtown gresham has delicious food and a hilarious owner. i highly recommend it for the tastes and the atmosphere.
  • my friends are such blessings. God has really been using them to encourage me. so amazing.
  • be in prayer for an acquaintance, she is in an abusive relationship. my heart is devastated for her. i don’t know details but i’m praying specifically for her to desire freedom from this relationship and that she discovers her worth through God.
  • this season of american idol has me hooked. my top two favorites are danny and kris. here is MY rundown: adam- last week on motown week, i loved his performance. most weeks i don’t. he has great vocal abilities, but his screaming/yelling bugs me. i really don’t know how to describe it. he may win but i hope not. allison- WOW! i wouldn’t necessarily buy her cd, but she is amazing. i wouldn’t mind if she won. anoop- too boy-bandish for me. have never really liked him for whatever reason. danny- i love his unique sound. i can’t wait to buy one of his cds when it comes out. vocally and personality wise, he seems so friendly and personable. kris- he has such a sweet sound too. probably my favorite voice of this season. don’t know if they will necessarily choose him as american idol, but i will buy his cd the day it comes out! lil- such a sweet personality. she started out SO strong, but i feel like she’s becoming more mediocre as the season progresses. i hope she stays on longer! matt- okay voice, but i really don’t connect with him at all. bye matt! megan- interesting sound. great potential if she tones it back a little bit. i like watching her sing. scott- i’m proud of the things he has overcome, and he is amazing with the piano. BUT he is not in the same league vocally. bye scott. can’t wait to see tonight’s show!

well. i’m tired of typing and want to be social now. i’m out of here!


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