*mazda miata*

i have dreamed about owning a miata since high school. for whatever reason, they have always been my favorite. i’ve never seriously looked into buying one because they are not quite a family car. but…who knows when i’ll have a family to haul around anyways? well, today in this amazing, gorgeous, spectacular summery weather, i got to ride in one!!! my adopted family (the family i live with) has a miata and i absolutely love it! today’s little adventure has me thinking about wanting one…again. ack. there is the whole $$$ issue though. well, so here is the thing. i’m praying for one. God only knows why i like these little cars so much and only He knows whether or not i’ll ever own one. God has a crazy cool way of blessing us with our wildest dreams sometimes so, this is one of my wild dreams. who knows what will happen? :o)

p.s. if you pray with me, i’ll give you a ride in it! ha ha ha! just kidding…kinda, well… hmmm, not really!


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