who — talia, me, my brother trevor, and our friend chad
what — an adventure!
where — albany -> newport
when — the night before talia left for her freshman year @ SPU
why — going away fun! chad was a pilot and volunteered to take us for a ride!
funnest memories — chad’s trick on talia :o), doing zero gravity fun…until my stomach felt funny, me and tal flying the plane for a while

i was not able to attend chad’s funeral today, but i found this picture from back in 2002. an evening filled with laughter and excitement. chad was FULL of adventure. it makes me smile to think back at all of the funny stuff that he would do. tears silently fall down my cheeks when i think of the times he struggled in life. i think about how influential and powerful he would have been for God’s kingdom if he had committed his life fully to God’s glory.

beyond my comprehension, God allowed chad to leave this world. i will never know why, but i pray that i wake up to the fact that striving and perfectionism are killing me. often my commitment to God is half-hearted. i want family, close friends, acquaintances and even strangers to have no doubts as to where my heart lies. transparency and being fully abandoned to my faith in God are my goals.

i miss you chad.


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