life, love and laughter

i had so much fun this last weekend hanging out with family. one of my cousins came from minnesota with her daughter to visit us and we had a big family shin-dig. i just cannot express how blessed i am to be surrounded with such a great foundation. good food, lots of laughter, and just hanging out with the crazy bunch of people who are my relatives fills my heart with joy.

here is a glimse @ the crazies i’m related to. :o)

alright…this is interesting. the little blondie is my cousin. the brown haired beauty is my cousin’s daughter and the other three are my niece and nephews. i bet one of the other people taking pictures got a better shot of them all looking…maybe. :o)

mari and my cousin having tea.

azariah hanging out with my crazy uncle (see next pic…)

kates, me and our gorgeous cousin who is about to turn 15!!!

like my uncle’s hairdo? ha ha! j/k, its one of my grandma’s decorations. this pic just made me laugh.

me and an aunt.

monica and another uncle.

cousins and yet another uncle racing. have i mentioned that i have a few uncles? 7 on my mom’s side alone.
mischevious little cousin. can you believe that?

brandon, another cousin and kates watching the kiddos @ the park.

can you tell that i decided to be the paparazzi for this event? i had fun capturing the group. i ALWAYS look forward to the reunions and random times together. so many fond memories. later this summer is a huge party for my grandma and ALL my aunts and uncles will be there! i can’t wait!!!

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