memorial day camping trip!

i was blessed with a spontaneous decision to go camping with suburban christian church (my church down in corvallis). it was so fun to catch up with old friends and make a TON of new ones. janey-rae and shannon are pretty amazing.

on a short hike, we saw SO many wild flowers. pictures really just don’t do them justice.

the group. this picture just makes me smile. lots of energy and love!

my beautiful sister! i dragged her along with me, and it was such a cool time to share with her. i’m so glad that she came!
to be entirely truthful, i didn’t want the weekend to end, and as it was ending i really thought about why i don’t live down in corvallis. the group’s accepting atmosphere was an example of how much God loves and accepts me. the joy that permeated every meal, game of ultimate frisbee and the baptisms was overwhelming. God has encouraged me to help be a part of creating such a community up here. i am thrilled to see what that will look like!
i took this picture just for you alexis. :o)


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