portland adventures!

one of my good friends from my cannon beach life was in town for business and had time to hang out. it had been WAY too long.
first stop was the oregon zoo. we were thoroughly entertained by the sea otters, penguins and orangutans. BUT the baby elephant definitely stole the spot light. she was kinda testing out the waters when the momma elephant
decided to push her in. i’ve never seen elephants swim before…or try and climb on top of each other. the baby was so persistent! after bathing came the dirt shower. it was hilarious to watch the baby’s feeble attempts of getting dirt
on her back. not quite accurate…so she decided
to lay down in the dirt.
for lunch we headed downtown. after a yummy slice of pizza while reminiscing about all of our memories in cannon beach, we decided to wander. needless to say, we were unaware that june 13th was also known as world naked bike day. yeah…as soon as we realized what was going on, we took a little detour to avoid the sights. then we mosied on down to the saturday market. such an interesting place to people watch.
the day was filled with laughter and fun amidst the memories of years ago and the kookiness of downtown portland and baby animals. i loved hanging out with you kerri!

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