me and the kids

words cannot express how much these little ones mean to me. i am blessed to be able to spend so much time with them. we all love the sunshine and hanging out at parks. meshach is becoming a little monkey. his gymnastic skills are being tested on playgrounds, couches, beds and anything else around. he learns so quickly and is so full of energy. mari is quite the mischievous little girl. the twinkle in her eyes dance when she starts scheming. hopefully she will outgrow her love for eating paper. :o) azariah isn’t a baby anymore…how the time flies. he is such a little boy now. he loves copying big brother and running around the house. nothing is safe now that he can push a stool around the house and climb up to reach things. he understands SO much and will shake his head “no” appropriately when asked questions. i can’t imagine life without these three.


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