grandma’s birthday party.

we didn’t go to chuck-e-cheese for this party, but it was definitely a weekend to remember. our family got together to celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday. here is a priceless picture of my beautiful grandma. i feel privileged to be apart of this amazing family.

here is a group shot of the family who could make it to the reunion. the only downsides to this weekend…too short and not everyone was there. it was hard to talk to everyone.

my grandma and all her kids. what an amazing testimony to what an awesome mom she is…we all LOVE to be with each other’s families. as a kid, i always dreamed that we would all live in one neighborhood and hang out all the time. unfortunately we are sprinkled across the map.

i got to welcome a few new members to the family too! this was the first time i had met my cousin’s husband and son and another cousin’s daughter. so fun! i love how much the family has grown and i pray that we never lose touch with anybody. i really want to plan a LONG vacation or several to go visit everyone in their homes. that would be SO cool!

now i am home. exhausted but content. time with family is priceless.


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