week of wedding fun!

the week of talia’s wedding was incredible! monday started off with making cookies and frosting them for the reception. yum! then we were off to the bachelorette party. it was fun to see people from high school and make new friends as we celebrated with talia. the party ended with a random game of spoons while listening to live music in downtown albany.
we got an early start on tuesday to head to the beach. laughter, silly games, an epic squirt gun fight, painting rocks, boogie boarding, frisbee and making smores were a few of the highlights. i loved getting to know everyone better and having the time to be at one of my favorite places.

wednesday we were blessed with astoundingly beautiful weather. bright blue skies encouraged us all to relax in the sand and waves. not everyone went boogie boarding…they missed out on a lot of fun!

thursday brought a sad end to our mini vacation as we headed home after lunch. i will never forget the laughter and fun we had…
friday brought a busy busy day. set-up went very smoothly due to a very organized bride-to-be which was coupled with a team competition. (my team won the fastest award!) we had a barbeque for lunch and continued our friendly competition with a game of sand volleyball. rehearsal dinner was such a blessing…i felt spoiled as we dined on fine french cuisine.

saturday had finally come! after enjoying pedicures, we made our way to the church to get ready. i continued to feel pampered as people fixed my hair and did my make-up for me. the excitement grew as we helped talia into her dress. the crazy fun bridal party made the formal pictures a blast as we posed in the park.

the wedding began as the bride and the bridesmaids rode to the wedding site from the church in a trolley. we were escorted down the aisle by our groomsmen to the song “going to the chapel”. the five young flower girls and ringbearers all successfully made it down to the front with only one in tears. meshach, mari and azariah were so cute! watching talia come down the aisle was so amazing.

watching my best friend get married was a highlight of my life. the rest of the evening flew by as we danced and celebrated the beginning of a new season for matt and talia. i didn’t want the night to end as i knew it would mean saying goodbye to my new friends and sending the newlyweds off to their honeymoon.


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