100th POST!

God has really been challenging me to be more thankful. pretty much this scripture is the reoccurring theme in my life right now.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

so for my 100th post on my blog, i’m going to attempt to write down 100 things that i’m thankful for. disclaimer: this is not an all inclusive list and it is in random order…the only reason that it is numbered is so i don’t have to count them myself. :o) here we go.

  1. God: your unfailing love and grace make life worth living
  2. dad: your humor cannot be compared to another
  3. mom: you have been through so much pain with me…starting before i was born
  4. trevor: your love for music fueled and expanded my musical horizon
  5. jenee: you make my big bro happy, which makes me happy
  6. brandon: you push me to do bigger and better things
  7. monica: the older sister i never had and always wanted
  8. katelyn: the blessing i prayed for
  9. meshach: you are always up for an adventure
  10. mari: you make me smile, your giggle is undeniably contagious
  11. azariah: your love of music, books and snuggling make you irresistible
  12. grandma koerner: you set an awesome example for me to live up to
  13. my countless aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.: together we make a pretty cool group
  14. sunshine and blue skies: brightens my day
  15. the columbia gorge: you never cease to amaze me
  16. east hill church: my home
  17. lance: my trusty car…you’ve never let me down
  18. dave & lisa: my “adoptive” parents, you are such a blessing
  19. kobe: my constant friend and hiking partner
  20. mrs. talia sanders: my best friend…words can’t express how much you mean to me
  21. nat: your enthusiasm and joy inspire me, you are an amazing friend
  22. alexis: you inspire me, i love your heart for God, my confidant
  23. emma: your joy when you see me makes my heart melt
  24. jenise & corey: we are waiting together, walking together, i couldn’t think of better people to be on this journey with
  25. brandon & becky: the newlyweds…love you guys!
  26. jodi: you make me smile, thank you for being you
  27. amy: God connected us for a reason :o)
  28. jerome & cynthia: you guys showed me what true leadership looks like
  29. andrew & kerry: it’s been an awesome 15 years
  30. aj & casey: you taught me so much about kids
  31. my chaco sandals: in rain or shine
  32. my health: thank you God!
  33. my job: taking care of my nephews and niece
  34. music: you inspire me, dare me to dream, evoke all kinds of emotions and lull me to sleep
  35. my new glasses: so cute
  36. my water bottles: i would be dehydrated without you
  37. my ipod: you hold my inspiration
  38. my camera: you capture moments of my life so i can remember them forever
  39. the ocean: God’s glory and power revealed
  40. mt. hood: you sit outside my window as a reminder of God’s creative power
  41. my down comforter: you always hug me and keep me warm
  42. my pillow: i look forward to snuggling you every night
  43. jason & nikki: as my pastors and friends, you inspire and challenge me
  44. christian fiction books: you would consume my days if i allow you to
  45. my hair: we have our good days and our bad days, but i would look funny without you
  46. pasta & pizza: how could i survive without you
  47. facebook: i don’t know what else i would do with all my time
  48. blogger: dear diary…
  49. my retainer: you keep my teeth straight
  50. my rollerblades: hours and miles of fun
  51. my future husband: i can’t wait for the day we are together!
  52. waterfalls and waves: you simply fascinate me, i can stare at you for hours
  53. my bible: direction, grace and conviction rolled into one crazy story
  54. my scrapbooking supplies: creative outlet at my fingertips
  55. winco: shopping on a budget made easier
  56. nfl channel: football 24/7
  57. my wardrobe: your selection frustrates me sometimes, but without you i’d be naked
  58. toenail polish: you make my ugly toes a little prettier
  59. stars and shooting stars: God’s nighttime fireworks
  60. babies: everything about them…except uncontrollable crying
  61. ice cream: mint chocolate cookie, cookie dough, peanut butter milkshakes…
  62. laughter: babies, kids, unique laughs, contagious and delightful laughs
  63. camp fires: smores, songs, and your clothes smelling for days
  64. cannon beach: the beach, good memories, forever in my heart
  65. flowers: fragrant, colorful, and gorgeous
  66. christmas trees: they smell heavenly
  67. cookies: fresh out of the oven with a glass of milk
  68. strawberry or raspberry lemonade: a hot summer day necessity
  69. watermelon: a frequent dinner during the summer
  70. piles of crunchy leaves: you just have to jump in them
  71. my mom’s cinnamon rolls: the BEST smell to wake up to
  72. family reunions: lots of love, food and silliness
  73. a stormy day: warm blankets and a good book/movie
  74. rainbows: gorgeous end to the rain
  75. thunder and lightening: so COOL!
  76. the content, tired feeling after a good hike
  77. dancing: in the car, creating silly dance moves, spontaneous
  78. m&m’s: plain ones mostly, but the peanut butter ones are spectacular if you put them in the microwave for about 15 seconds
  79. the game zip bong: hilarious and simple, the funniest big group game
  80. the opportunities i have had to travel: so many places left to go!
  81. watersports: boogie boarding, surfing, water skiing, kneeboarding, kayaking…you name it
  82. massages: i just wish they weren’t so stinkin expensive
  83. smiles from random people i don’t know: just makes me happy
  84. phone calls from friends: makes me feel loved
  85. chocolate frostys from wendy’s: mmmmm…
  86. markers, crayons and pens: rainbow selection that brings me back to the good ‘ole days
  87. american idol: proof that i’m not the worst singer out there
  88. my bank account: although you go up and down, i still have you
  89. my school yearbooks: reminds me of old friends and crazy times
  90. yearly family photos: every Christmas since the year i was born…priceless
  91. free blog layouts: creative outlet when i feel the need for change, my newest find is http://www.aquapoppydesigns2.blogspot.com/
  92. time to blog about life
  93. the things i’ve learned in tough times or at hard jobs: kindercare…
  94. how much i’ve changed in the past couple of years
  95. people who encourage and challenge me without realizing it
  96. my filing system: without you i would be buried under a chaotic pile of paper
  97. online bill paying: you save me stamp money
  98. skype: because calling france can be stinkin’ expensive otherwise
  99. ice cold water: nothing quenches my thirst better
  100. living in boring: it made me laugh as a kid, now it’s my peaceful haven

whew! i would add pictures, but it is already a SUPER long post.

what are you thankful for?


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