*natalie alexis*

today i’m starting a friday tradition that hopefully will last for more than a couple of weeks. :o) friend friday! every friday, i will highlight a different friend who means SO much to me. so to start it off we have natalie alexis!
natalie and i met probably around 1999ish (not quite sure…). as i became friends with talia, i would be over at her house and would sometimes see her younger sister. it’s interesting to me that we didn’t become friends earlier, but i do remember that even two years difference seemed like SO much back in the day…she was, after all, still in middle school and i was in high school. the summer of 2007 we really hit it off. natalie, talia and i were the cool kids of condo 1716 in gresham and the three of us grew close. i loved getting to know her better and was so inspired by her faith, joy and creativity. this week i get to hang out with her for a couple days, and i’m beyond thrilled. she will soon be off on another adventure and i can’t wait to see what God will be doing in and through her life in this next season.
beautiful natalie, i love ya!

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