anyone want a scarf?

are you ready for my first blog give away? i am! to get ready for the fast approaching fall, i crocheted (weird word) a scarf out of a beautiful blue yarn. one of my favorite colors…

anyways, here’s the deal. the deadline is saturday, september 12th at midnight. i will go to an online random number generator ( next sunday and it will choose the lucky winner! you may leave one comment for each of the following:

  1. i follow your blog! (tell the truth…)
  2. i found raw grace through ___ and i love it when you blog about ___!
  3. i posted a blog about your blog!
  4. my all-time favorite blog is ___.
good luck! can’t wait to read all the comments! (comments make me happy)


4 thoughts on “anyone want a scarf?

  1. You follow my blog… and ya
    I found it because you held me down til I followed you and I love your friend friday idea.I have yet to post about your blog.. but i will! my all time favorite blog is you :) (yes I'm a suck-up)

  2. Sure! I saw this blog through…you! I think the thing I like the most is how real you are with your writing. My favorite blog entry of yours is the 100th post when you made that huge list. :)

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