google maps vs. God

i love google maps!  i feel secure knowing when i’m supposed to turn, what streets to look for and where i am going.  the other night, while driving my friend home, i was confronted with a different approach.  she preferred to tell me as we were going…revealing one step at a time and waiting until i needed to act to tell me.

to be brutally honest, it really frustated me.  i could possibly blame it on being tired and grumpy, but that wouldn’t be entirely true.  while restling with the emotions behind wanting to be in “control” of the situation, God spoke softly to me.

i am a organized controlling person.  for most of my life, i have been in denial about it.  don’t get me wrong, i usually don’t try to micro-manage other people’s lives…just my own.  lists, schedules and logical timelines are my constant companions.  well, God doesn’t play by my rules or fit into the box that i’ve tried so hard to shove Him in.

the theme of my life lately has been let go!  God wants me to release all of the things that i try desperately to do by myself.  i strive to be one step ahead, prepared for anything, and aware of the final destination and all the little details along the way.  BUT that is not how God has called me to live.  He has called me to live an extraordinary life full of adventure.

tomorrow’s unknowns are daunting.  my future hopes and dreams often morph and change.  questions about life are sometimes unanswerable.  the big picture is overwhelming.  God wants me to take one step.  i can do that…all the while trusting that He knows where we will be fifty steps from now.


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