my dream

these are my favorites this month so far of the kiddos that are growing up so fast!

yesterday was a struggle for me.  while in the church nursery, a baby that hadn’t been in there for a while came back and re-stole my heart.  he is now a toddler and though i try not to have favorites, his joy and piercing blue eyes stand out.  driving home, my mind flew through scenarios that would allow me to babysit or even adopt the little guy.  at the heart of the issue…i am dreaming of the day i have my own little ones to love and chase around.

last night God and i had a little chat about it and i was reminded how blessed i am.   not only in my future, but today.  i get to love my nephews and niece and get paid for it.  i have the privilege of blessing parents and their little ones at church.  i have friends that love to have breaks from their little blessings.

i’m living my dream.

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