dreaming of a car & loan nightmares

yesterday i found a car that i fell in love with!  normally i don’t have quite that reaction when looking at cars and needless to say, i’m praying that this car would miraculously be mine.  :o)

just recently the decision was made to purchase a car instead of dealing with the problems i have with my current one.  i would rather have a different car than put more money into my camry.  i thought it would be a simple process…find a car, fall in love, get a loan (for whatever amount i needed), buy the car, sell my car, live happily ever after.  ummmm…yeah.
yesterday’s process led me to the bank and gave me a reality check in the world of loans.  i’ve never had a loan before and figure that all i needed to do is tell them how much i needed, fill out some paperwork and possibly get someone to co-sign.  yep…i had no clue. 
last night i racked my brain for alternative ideas or other ways to make this deal work.  no such luck.  did i mention someone else was going to look at the car this morning?  talk about pressure.
at this point, the situation hasn’t changed.  BUT miracles can happen.  it’s an interesting dynamic to be in…knowing God can make it happen, knowing that He knows the best steps to take and how they will really effect my life, knowing that i want the car and knowing that it may not be the right time/car/price.  we will see what will happen…

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