*talia nicole*

guess what?  i talked to someone who lives in paris today!  it was so fun to update mrs. talia sanders on the events of the last week.  i’ve been thinking about her so much lately.  it was fun that she would call on friend friday!

crazy.  exciting.  blessed.  i miss that girl like crazy!  she is the one who taught me how to swing dance and is definitely my favorite dance partner so far.  :o)   words cannot express how much fun we can have in any situation.  life is always an adventure.  whether we are just hanging out in fred meyers (because it was the only thing open — good ole albany…), getting stuck underground in the french metro system, skydiving, talking for hours on the phone, or just doing nothing,  there is no one else who i’d rather be with.

distance, time zones and little obstacles may try to come between us, but it won’t work.
friends for life.  love you tal!

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