so, my friend alexis had this AMAZING idea last week.  she found a quick cinnamon roll recipe that sounded easy and tasty, and thought that it would be cool if a group of blogging ladies (becky, amy, melissa, caroleana, and i) would join her in trying it out and blog about the results.  i loved the idea and decided to take it a step further and do a taste comparison with another recipe too.

well, here’s what really ended up happening.  i was down visiting my parents and sister along with my brother and his family for the weekend, which made for a full house.  friday night before we took off to a high school football game, we demolished the kitchen in our attempts to make my family’s favorite cinnamon roll recipe.  partway through the process, we realized that we had made more than necessary…we were running out of room in the refrigerator and out of pans to bake them in.  hmm…

i hung on to the hope that i would still make the other recipe the next morning despite the abundance.  sadly, that never happened.  even with nine people eating cinnamon rolls both on saturday morning, sunday morning and a couple of snacks here and there, i left my parent’s house today with a full pan of baked cinnamon rolls.  there was even another pan left in my mom’s refrigerator to bake still!

so, my attempt to try a new recipe failed this weekend.  don’t worry though, it will happen soon.  i’ll be visiting my parents again next weekend and the ingredients are waiting for me!  tomorrow i’ll post a picture of the cinnamon rolls i DID make.  :o)


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