my closet.

my life and clothes are pretty ordinary. i grew up in a fairly medium sized town with a small community feel. my dad is a pastor of a church located in a downtown neighborhood where he and my mom have faithfully served for 33 years. our family is the typical well-rounded variety that has its flaws and strengths.

i’m a fairly compliant, observant middle child. i learned quickly through watching my siblings that being outwardly rebellious only led to longer and louder “discussions” with more repercussions. i was the sneaky one who would nod her head obediently, agree and walk away with quiet rebellion bubbling in her heart.

i am a funny mix of girly-girl and tomboy. from football to baby dolls, in a lot of ways i don’t feel like my passions have changed a great deal.

since i was born, i have been a faithful church attendee. being a pk (pastor’s kid), i felt the added pressure of being watched, criticized or set as an example.  for as long as i can remember, i have strived for perfection and tried to hide my stains.


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