the dress of my dreams.

{photo by kelsey}
sometimes i feel like my wedding day will never arrive.
very rarely will the thoughts of the future leave the constant dialogue buzzing around my brain.  i have dreamt of my wedding day for as long as i can remember and the event details have been in the works for years.
the majority of the important details are not clear.  the dress, location, guest list, the date and many other things are non-existent.  i may have my ideas but as time progresses, things change.
God’s plan for my life is one big adventure.  the twists and turns He has authored have sometimes thrown me for a loop and have kept me on my toes.  i want to catch you up on the biggest adventure yet.
over a year and a half ago, God revealed something incredible to me…my future husband was sitting across the room.  unfortunately, the exhilaration and freedom behind those words of certainty were cut short by doubts and concerns.  as time has continued, bigger walls and impossibilities have mounted as most days i struggle between the logic of what i see and the faith that can move mountains.
as the complications and drama of this situation have unfurled, God has been teaching me.  can i trust God to design and orchestrate the details of my life?  will i let go of my idea of the ideal situation?
i yearn for the day when my husband and i are together, but there is a day that God wants me to desire above any other.
Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.   
Revelation 19:7
i need to prepare myself for a celebration beyond all that i can imagine.  invitations that outnumber the stars and a joyful party that lasts forever.

i desire to seek God with every step i take along my journey.  only then will my life be on the right path towards what He has planned for me.

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