one of those weeks.

yesterday i coped.  ignored life, immersed myself in tv land, ate unhealthy comfort food and just coped.  as i went to bed last night, hours after i had planned, i was discouraged and frustrated that i wasted an entire day.

today, life is back with a vengeance.  things i had shoved out of my mind came back to slap me viciously in the face.  heavy words and situations are causing fear to rise.  since the moment i woke up on sunday, it has just been one of those weeks.

God, i am desperate for wisdom to speak into these situations.  i long for peace to overwhelm everyone involved.  more than anything, i want to sit in your lap and feel your arms around me.  you are the great redeemer.  amen!


One thought on “one of those weeks.

  1. Stay in there, you are the light to those who are confused and hurt. You can get through this- and don't beat yourself up! Everyday shouldn't be productive. You deserve a little junk food and relaxation.

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