the diamond in the rough.

last night as i was drifting off to {la la land}, God quietly reminded me of a conversation i had earlier in the day.  one of my friends asked me how my week had gone and i verbally vomited merely mentioned some of the internal and external chaos that had occurred.  not once did i verbalize what God had been doing in my life.

i was disgusted with my oversight because the closeness i felt with God last week was incredible.  spontaneous prayers disrupted the mundane and altered my focus.  wisdom and insight beyond comprehension tended to be at my fingertips when i sought Him instead of answers.

something that made me laugh this week: i was watching a tv show (can’t even remember which one), and during an intense scene i began praying for the situation that the character was going through.  :o)  can’t say whether it helped or not, but it did end well for the character…

an interesting thing that has come back to the surface this week is my desire to go back to school.  i still don’t know any of the details of how, when and where, but i feel that God’s hand is in this process.  i am excited to see how He directs my path as i learn psychology and use counseling skills in my everyday interactions with the world.


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