casey james ♥ five years old

this is my baby boy who is not a baby at ALL any more.  he turned FIVE years old today!  i was a nanny for him and his big brother for a year starting when he was around three months old.  it was such an honor to be a part of the francis family and i miss them terribly. 
five years old.  inconceivable!  the one thing that breaks my heart and has brought me to tears multiple times today is that he doesn’t remember.  the hours of snuggles and laughter are forgotten.  the never ending chorus of  “my casey lies over the ocean.  my casey lies over the sea…” is non-existent in my life now.
i didn’t call you today casey.  i know that you don’t really know me now and i didn’t want you to feel awkward talking to me on the phone.  if i could even talk…i can barely type these words because my eyes are all blurry from the tears.
{happy birthday casey!  i love you.}

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