this past weekend at the beach served as a time to clear all the cobwebs in my life and refocus on the more important things in life.  like {relationships}.
this past week, i have felt my identity being attacked.  comments, situations and feelings have all hit the same sensitive button…i am too quiet.  whenever it is mentioned, pressure tends to build and it seems necessary to change, be more like someone else and less like me.  i feel the negativity and i withdraw OR fake the personality that seems more likable. 
in the midst of worship, God began clearing the cobwebs and revealing to me a new perspective.  he made me this way for a purpose.  i know…crazy, huh?  opportunities to observe, listen and discern are more obvious when i am not talking.  tiny red flags are noticed more when i take the time to take in my surroundings.  i can help catch the people who are silently slipping through the cracks.  i can be used by God. 
now i can say {thank you} when people remind me that i’m quiet.  it’s a blessing.

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