snapshots of the beach!

i already blogged a little snippet about my beach trip a couple of weekends ago, but didn’t include pictures.  these make me smile:
check out this fish!  i have NEVER seen anything like this wash up.  both of the eyeballs were gone, but other than that it was totally intact!  to give you a little perspective, it was bigger than a football.
i loved how colorful this mushroom is.  we found it just chillin’ in the middle of the path from the house to the beach.  God just astounds me with his creativity.
i like long walks on the beach.  especially with friends.  i do have to say that the twin rocks are not quite as cool as haystack rock, but that could definitely be a biased opinion.  the company made up for it though.  :o)
this picture cracks me up.  the boys watching cartoons while grabbing a bite to eat.  jenise and i were at a different table attempting to write encouraging notes…unsuccessfully.  needless to say, we didn’t allow ourselves to stay and watch the duck game.
the beach had SO much foam the morning after the storm raged.  i wish i knew what it really is…but maybe i don’t want to know.
he he he!  i thought about editing this picture to get rid of my funky bangs, but figured this is a true oregon beach picture, wind and all!  jenise is bundled up like an eskimo… :o)
i am so blessed by God and my friends.

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