the morning frost

as the sun gently rose over the house this morning, the visible line of warmth slowly thawed the frost from my windshield.  these soft words from God reinforced my thoughts from last night.

the crisp awakening comes when the alarm sounds.  sluggish movements and my desire to remain oblivious to the day hinders my mornings.  going from neutral to fifth gear, i tend to be on the road within twenty minutes.  i despise the mornings that i have to scrape my car windows.  sometimes i start my journey too soon with little visibility…such a dangerous gamble.

last night at my church’s college group, i was challenged to make a sacrifice.  God is calling me to set aside time in the morning to thaw my heart.  the hustle and bustle of everyday events tend to crowd out any plans i make for my hang out time with God, delegating it to the last moments before i fall asleep.  not exactly the best time for challenging or motivating thoughts as i often forget anything i learned by sunrise.

tragic things can happen if i don’t take the time to properly thaw the ice off of my car.  if my hectic morning sets the pace for the day and i neglect to prepare for the battle, similar disasters can occur.

my challenge = bask in {the LIGHT} before computer/tv time


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