learning the hard way.

i don’t like learning things the hard way, but sometimes i have to.
note to self:  after a long, relaxing hot bath do NOT stand up quickly. 
the day after Christmas i decided to unwind by taking a bath and reading a book.  at some point, i decided that i was done and as i stood up i started to feel a little woozy.  i woke up laying on the floor with my nose wound bleeding.  no clue how exactly i fell or how long i was out.  apparently the heat from the bath and the quick change of elevation can do that.  doing a faceplant on the bathroom floor can be dangerous…thankfully my nose and my knees are the only things that seemed to suffer any consequences. 
it got me thinking.  how many times do i have to learn things the hard way?  i often fight against what God tells me just because it doesn’t necessarily seem rational.  i worry and stress out instead of trusting that He has everything planned out for the best possible outcome.
my 2010 resolution = start learning things the easy way
{trusting that the God of the universe knows what He is doing}

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