raw grace

originally, here is what i was thinking when i named my blog~
raw:  real emotions, uncensored thoughts from my heart
grace:  what my name means in Greek

this week, i realized those two words have significantly been brought to my attention.

recently my heart has been raw due to the emotional roller coaster ride i’ve been on.  God has been challenging me to quit building walls around it and trust Him to guard it.  it’s hard to be vulnerable like that, but the cement around the wounds haven’t helped either.

God showed me something amazing about grace recently and you may already realize this…pretty basic stuff but it was a light bulb moment for me.  nobody deserves grace.  grace is defined (by wiktionary) as {free and undeserved favor}.  so all the times i don’t feel worthy of the love and forgiveness God is wanting to graciously give to me…well, that’s why it is grace.  if i was perfect, i couldn’t have grace even if i wanted it.

yesterday i had a much needed date with God in cannon beach.  i can’t wait to edit and share the pictures with you!


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