long lost friend.

as each day ends, a judgement is made.  i weigh my actions, attitudes and accomplishments as i lay down for the night.  more often than not i fall terribly short.  my performance-based outlook distances me from God.  ashamed of how things went and how little i interacted with Him, i keep that distance because i haven’t held up my end of the relationship.

i still don’t quite grasp the meaning of grace.

last night i asked for prayer regarding this ongoing struggle and i received a new perspective through truth about another friendship i have.

my best friend talia lives on the other side of the world.  this gives me a great excuse to travel, but the majority of the time i don’t like it.  i miss her.  communication was much easier when we shared a bunk bed.  facebook, e-mail, phone calls and old fashioned snail-mail help, but i am not always consistent or purposeful about keeping in contact.  in fact, i don’t think i have ever sent talia a letter.

the next time talia comes to visit, will i avoid her because of my communication issues? no way!  if at all possible, i will be at the airport with huge embarrassing signs to welcome her. 

why should my relationship with God be any different?

it’s a relationship. not a to-do list.


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