tulip time!

on april 10th i set off down to woodburn on a quest to find tulips.  stacy (a friend since middle school) met me at starbucks and we were on our way to the wooden shoe tulip farm.  it had been a while since we had hung out and i was so blessed to hear how God was challenging her.  He has great adventures planned for her on the mission field!

i absolutely adore tulips.  hundreds of pictures didn’t quite capture the beauty of being surrounded by these precious flowers, but here are a few of my favorites.

i love my boots.  seriously felt like a kid while i purposefully squished through the mud.  i don’t really know why it makes me so happy, but it does.

there is an orchard next to the tulips and we took a little stroll through the trees and felt like it belonged in a movie.  this picture is {priceless}.  we almost gave up before finally getting this one.  timing was everything and it took us quite a while to both be airborne when the timer on my camera expired.  it made for a nice little workout between running to and from the camera and jumping.  worth every bit of the effort.

the entire day was a thing of beauty.  sunshine, tulips, creative and fun pictures, ooh… sharing an elephant ear, God conversations, catching up with a friend and even a little shopping to finish the day off right.

one thing i am working on is doing what i love to do instead of the things i like to do.  the things i love tend to take a little more effort but abundantly bless me in return.  too often i turn on the tv instead and later feel like the day was wasted.  this is only the second time i have been to the tulip festival… i missed numerous opportunities because of my lack of initiative.

i learning to fight the monotony of daily life.


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