run charis run!

ok.  here’s the thing.  i’m not always the greatest at following through on writing the blog posts that i promise.  i will get to those soon….hopefully.

lately i have felt {bleh} about myself.  my clothes seem to be shrinking and my food plates seems to be growing.  sugar has been one of my main food groups.  i feel like a slug. 

between watching the biggest loser and reading about some of my facebook friends talk about their running accomplishments, i figured i would give running another shot.  i have always wanted to enjoy running and never have gotten past the first painful weeks. 

i came across a training schedule that seems to be within my abilities and today was my first day of my first week.  it’s called the couch-to-5k running plan.  my goal is to run a 5k sometime in july and i’m so excited that talia is joining me on this adventure!

i’m hoping and praying that a love for running will ignite over the next couple of months. 


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