multnomah falls : april trip

this is a delayed post too, but i couldn’t resist sharing these pictures.
for future reference… if you are in need of a good workout, strap a thirty-five pound kid on your back and go hiking.  really, it is fun!
the babies toddlers {LOVE} to ride in the backpacks!  mari tends to fall asleep eventually and azariah quietly takes in all of the sights.  i seriously can’t think of a time when they were grumpy while on a hike.
meshach impresses me with his energy and stamina.  typically i am the one slowing the group down by asking for breaks.  :o)  he loves to explore and find little creatures.
this is my new favorite recent picture of mari…such a beautiful little girl.
we spent quite a while hanging out near the top and eating snacks near the river.  (oh…did i mention my brother came too?  ha ha ha!  he carried mari.  there is no way i could carry both of the little ones!  not sure why i didn’t get his picture…)  chipmunks joined us and we gladly shared our crackers.  it was so fun watching the kids take in the whole experience.  i can’t wait someday to experience this with my own kids.

One thought on “multnomah falls : april trip

  1. Charis – when Mari was with us, she spent alot of her time in a front pack. She would always fall asleep on my chest and I loved to kiss her little head that way! It is fun to hear how she keeps her old habits!


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