night out with meshach.

so…on april 17th (over a month ago!), meshach and i were blessed to have a little date night!  i was given the opportunity to spend one night in a hotel and decided to drag him along with me.  :o)
i didn’t bring the camera to the pool, but i do have to say that other than sleeping…we spent most of the time in the water.  he definitely loves swimming just like his auntie!  we even woke up early the next morning to swim again before we had to leave for church.
after hanging out in the pool saturday evening we headed out for a little big treat.  it was a momentous occasion:  his first time eating a mountain high mud pie from red robin.  just looking at this picture excites my taste buds.

spending this time with him was beyond amazing.  so often the craziness of three kids overwhelms the time and doesn’t allow quality time to happen.  i can’t believe how fast time is flying.  this little guy will be in kindergarten this fall!  i love him so much!


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