memorial day weekend = joy

the day before my great escape, i was seriously burdened regarding three main areas of my life.  knowing that i would have some time to chill with God, i painted some rocks to symbolize these specific things:  my heart, my relationships and the direction of my life.  i carried them with me in my pocket as a reminder to pray and give them to God.  the campground sits next to a river and i claimed a boulder as my own and frequently escaped there.

pulling into the camp on friday afternoon felt like coming home.  a fresh breath of air and renewed hope surged through my veins.  throughout the weekend when i didn’t feel the need to slip away to talk with God, i had no desire to leave the campground.  i was exorbitantly blessed by instant family and conversations.  my time studying the word grew into discussions with those around me about how to live it out.  the hours spent enjoying the beauty of the sunshine, rolling hills, luscious green foliage, and stunning shooting stars were shared as we stood in awe of the one who made it all.  being surrounded by laughter and joy made my heart soar.  just like last year, i left questioning why i had to leave.

hot showers and a soft warm bed welcomed me home.  i came back a little lighter…without those three rocks weighing me down.  i came back richer…more friends, hope and peace.  i came back with a passion to live where God is leading me.


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