to be blunt…

today was a rough one.  exhaustion has taken over emotionally and physically.  here are a few things i am wrestling with… prayer would be greatly appreciated.

  • i am dreading an upcoming conversation.  fear of causing pain nearly sidelines me and i don’t know if i will be able to speak due to overwhelming emotions.
  • i need wisdom regarding a decision that i need to make.  lists of pros and cons help, but truthfully not knowing what is best is tearing me up.  i’m the type of person that likes to flip a coin to make meaningless decisions just because even the easy ones can be hard for me.
  • i can’t do it all.  so many people in my life need extra love right now.  it breaks my heart that i can’t be as supportive as i would like… i am praying that people will step up and stand in the gap.  i would love to have direction as to who and how i’ll help as well.
  • my self-worth is really being attacked.  i have wondered recently why people love me or even want to hang out with me.  i know that the thoughts i’m having are lies, but combined with everything else, i am having a hard time fighting them off.
  • this summer is bringing a unique challenge to my faith.  a promise will either be fulfilled or God has other plans for my life.  i’m scared of how i will react to the possible disappointment.
if you have any Bible verses that have encouraged you when times have been tough, please send them my way.  thank you for praying for me.

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