do not let the oppressed retreat in disgrace; may the poor and needy praise your name.
psalm 74:21

oppressed:  persecuted, downtrodden, abused, maltreated, ill-treated, subjugated, tyrannized, repressed, subdued, crushed, browbeaten; disadvantaged, underprivileged.

retreat:  withdraw, retire, draw back, pull back/out, fall back, give way, give ground

disgrace:  dishonor, shame, discredit, ignominy, degradation, disrepute, ill repute, infamy, scandal, stigma, opprobrium, obloquy, condemnation, vilification, contempt, disrespect; humiliation, embarrassment, loss of face

praise:  worship, glorify, honor, exalt, adore, pay tribute to, give thanks to, venerate, reverence


i praise you for never leaving me abandoned.  you know my needs better than i do, and i thank you that you are orchestrating my life to glorify your name in the best capacity.  help me honor you in all my actions as i walk through the every day junk in life.  i want to see your name exalted as your glory shines through my weaknesses.  amen.


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