black friday and a photo shoot…

good news:  i got a new camera!
bad news: target opened at 4 am…

while waking up at that time of morning is not usually welcomed, my sister and i ventured out to have a little black friday excursion at about 3:30 am.  usually there are only two moods when i’m sleep deprived…grumpy and goofy.  luckily i woke up a little goofy and ended up enjoying the long lines.  i made new friends and instigated a cheer as the line started moving.  after about a 45 minute wait inside of target, my new camera was in my hands.

today was the first chance i had to play around with it due to a LONG nap after shopping on friday.  here are some of my favorites…


2 thoughts on “black friday and a photo shoot…

  1. This looks like the wait was well worth it Charis. These pictures are wonderful and what great memories you have to cherish. Since just recently losing my sister I realize even more now the value of a camera.
    Love u!

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